Twirl Bowls

A Collection of sculptural bowls made by experimenting with the traditional
technique of running cornice.

The traditional method of running cornice has been used for centuries to
embellish interiors and exteriors with plaster ornaments. Because the method
has usually been used to make ornaments, it has become old-fashioned.
By using the process to create contemporary objects, the technique will gain a
new value so that it is no longer lost in obsolescence.

By making a hollow mold and replacing the traditional plaster with an
alpha crystalline gypsum, the bowls are made reversible.

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Unique ongoing collection, 2020.
Running cornice technique, Alpha crystalline gypsum.
Sizes: Forest Green ±H5,5 x Ø35cm, Ivory White ±H15,5 x Ø35cm,
Ocean Blue ±H8 x Ø52cm, Deep Purple ±H5,5 x Ø64cm, Pale Yellow ±H10,5 x Ø55cm

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