Twirl Bowl – Flare Orange

A commissioned piece by the Gallery A1043 what was exclusive designed for the group exhibition Primavera1043.

Gallery A1043: The idea behind the collection is simple. By commissioning a vase or a fruit bowl, we are commissioning an object that will easily find its place in any interior. We are also commissioning an object that is linked to pleasure. The pleasure of seeing, discerning, smelling and tasting flowers and fruit. Unlike other objects such as chairs or lights, which have a very obvious use and relationship to the body, vases and fruit bowls constantly toy with the status of works of art. How many vases and fruit bowls sit on tables and furniture without ever seeing a flower or fruit, just like a sculpture?

By commissioning simple but strong objects, we wanted to put creativity back at the centre of our concerns. No posturing, no gratuitous effects, no desire to stick to a decorative, eco or material trend, but research into how to invent an object with sometimes very simple means.

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Exclusive available at Gallery A1043
Limited edition of 8 numbered and signed pieces
Running cornice technique, Mineral powder & water-based acrylic hardener
Size: ± H10 x Ø35cm


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