The method of creation

During my design process I have a hands-on approach towards the material I work with. My work is shaped by repurposing existing techniques, 

for example in how I design a mould. By constantly researching and experimenting with various techniques, I question how we approach everyday 

objects by transforming them. At the beginning of my design process, I purposely leave open what the outcome of design can be. 

By embracing the qualities of the material during the process it will become clear in what kind of shape and context the work will evolve.

The ambition in my work is looking for a raw refinement. Within this, I take in account how an object can be considered finished or not; 

from my own view and from the view of the beholder. In the outcome of a design, I find it important that a human touch remains visible.

This gives an object character and makes it more personal.


Living & working in
Rotterdam, Netherlands


Work experience

Rotterdam, Workshop freelancer, S.T.R.S.
Rotterdam, Workshop freelancer, Plasticiet 
Rotterdam, Workshop freelancer, Odd Matter Studio


2015, Boxtel, Sintlucas, Allround Digital publisher 
2018, Boxtel, Sintlucas, Spatial presentation and communication design
2020, Rotterdam, University of Applied Sciences, Arts & Crafts, Product
2022, Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning academie, Product Design, Autonomous Hacking


2016, Rotterdam, Sober Industries, Artistic Laboratory
2018, Breda, Nine Yards, Skatepark CO
2019, Rotterdam, Nightshop, Design studio by Ward van Gemert
2021, Rotterdam, Odd Matter Studio


Upcoming, 2023, NL, Rotterdam, Design District, WDKA

2023, BE, Brussel, Collectible, Curated Section

2022, NL, Den Bosch, Misterdesign, Shifting Time Frames
2022, NL, Kapel Avezaath, ATELIER
2022, NL, Eindhoven, DDW, Messmerizing
2022, F, Paris, Paris Design Week, BOON
2022, NL, Amsterdam, This Art Fair, Booth, Tom Kraanen
2022, I, Milano, Salone del Mobile, Booth, Pianca, Tonelli, Arper
2022, BE, Brussel, Collectible, Main Section, BOON
2022, BE, Brussel, SHÅK Gallery, Down to Earth
2022, NL, Rotterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Tijdelijk Huis van Thuis
2022, F, Paris, MAISON & OBJET, In the city, BOON
2022, NL, Maarssen, Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Vorm aan de Vecht

2021, F, Paris, A1043 X JN. Mellor Club, Shopping
2021, I, Napoli, Young Dutch Titans, EDIT Napoli
2021, NL,  Eindhoven, DDW, Isola Talents Factory
2021, NL, Eindhoven, DDW, HOW & WOW BASK IT
2021, NL,  Rotterdam, Arts & Crafts Graduation show
2021, NL, Rotterdam, Rotterdam Art Week, OBJECT
2021, NL, Rotterdam, Red Floor Foundation, Shapes
2021, F, Paris, A1043, Primavera1043

2020, NL, Rotterdam, Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend

2019, NL, Rottedam, Nachtlicht, Kunst in een ander daglicht

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